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MCM 's Current Projects Page

1974 Duster - Street / Strip Conversion Project  (next page)


This Duster was purchased by "Inlaw Boyz Drag Racing Team" and delivered to "MCM" to complete the chassis modifications and add a roll cage to convert the car to a ~ 11 sec. street / strip race car. Also assisting on this project is "Expert Car Care Inc.". "Expert" will do all body, sheet metal and fiberglass enhancements and then seal, prime and paint the car.

1972 Valiant / Scamp - Restoration Project   (next page)

This is Larry Pielack's Sunday cruise car. Larry's father Walter actually bought this car in 1972 (brand new) from the Northland Chysler-Plymouth Dealership. The total cash delivery price was $2995.00. This vehicle has been in the Pielack's family ever since. Larry had it appraised in 2002 by "Top Hat" John of Macomb County. The car has been appraised at $3000.00 in it's current condition. Who says you always lose money on a "new" car purchase. Larry went to "Expert Car Care Inc." for a body restoration and paint to factory original spec.'s. Follow the work by "Expert" and "MCM".

1989 Mustang - Street / Strip Conversion Project  (next page)


This Mustang is owned by John Giokas. This car was brought to "Expert Car Care Inc." to complete the chassis modifications and add a roll cage. In-addition to the chassis modifications John wants us to install a complete "Autometer" gage system and "MSD" ignition system for his engine.  "Expert"   contracted "Motor City Muscle" to assist on this project.